Friday, March 4, 2011

God Arrested Allegedly Masturbating Outside of All Boys School

Renowned anti homosexual campaigner God (aka Jehovah, Yahweh, YWHY, Elohim and Adonai – age indeterminate) was arrested Sunday with His penis in hand and allegedly masturbating in mysterious ways.

The alleged crime took place outside the Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception all boys school while the children were playing during lunchtime recess.

One of the children noticed a suspicious character described as “in his own image” with his face pressed to the bars of the school fencing.  A protuberance, later identified as God’s penis, was also observed poking through the fencing.

God has been required to sign the Sex Offenders register.  He had previous accusations of non-consensual sex, mass genocide and violent outbursts resulting in death or harm.  All of which were dropped due to insufficient evidence of God’s actual existence.

“If you can’t prove I exist” said God through a spokespastor, “then you certainly cannot prove that I was the perpetrator of these crimes”.

He has thrice denied all charges.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Logical Arguments for the Existence of God

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Incredulity Meter - Get Yours Today

No god in your life?  Are you too wrapped up in your closed-minded materialistic scientific world view to detect the hand of god in everything in your life?  If so, you need the amazing, new "Incredulity Meter(TM)".

The hand of god can only be detected by the Incredulity Meter(TM) - 100% accurate, almost 33% of the time.  Available at your local store for only $99.99, or online at just $69.99 with FREE SHIPPING.  Don't worry about rushing your order, there are enough in stock to supply an infinite number of customers.  When you point your device at something you do not understand, e.g. the tides coming in and out, the meter will point to the red incredulity zone and tell you that because you personally do not understand a phenomenon that god did it.

But wait, for only an additional $29.99 (plus shipping & handling) you can add the optional "Confirmation Bias Package" (patent pending).  This will not only tell you that GODDIDIT, but will also tell you that the god that you happen to hold true is the actual GODWHATDIDIT.

PayPal and all major credit cards accepted.  Sorry, no COD.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.  Sorry, no refunds, all sales final.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Catholic Priest's Dilemma

Would You Take 22 Cents for your Dignity?

If dealing with religious screwballs hasn’t fully deflated your expectations of mankind, I have the perfect final crushing blow for any optimism you may have retained hiding in the recesses of your mind. It is simple and elegant: hold a yard sale. Nothing is guaranteed to wipe from your heart any final hopeful residue for this species of ours. No, by lunchtime you will be driven half mad with the shuffling parade of people who thought it perfectly appropriate to show their faces to the world wearing flip-flops, ill-fitting track pants, and stained t-shirts bought at a previous yard sale, or too-tight acid-wash jeans with a polka-dot tube top, with scarecrow hair and even scarier, crowier faces: pinched, vulture-eyed, pursed-lipped; pawing, rooting for truffles, hands clutching greasy crumpled wads of cash, scattering your organization and engaging you in rambling batty conversation, mumbling stories about some guy they knew back in 1976 who had a hat just like that, and their mother in the nursing home whose silver pattern was the exact same, and how they used to see Louis Prima play in Vegas, and oh, what was the name of that other guy…. Zzzzz….

And always, always the haggling, even over things priced very well. Someone approached the table of my grandma’s tackiest costume jewelry that no one in the family had wanted after she died, asking, “Don’t you have any real gold jewelry for like, 50 cents?” A tumbleweed then blew down the street and the crickets broke into chorus. No, I said, fingering the tin brooch of a frizzy-headed cartoony woman bearing the legend, “BAD HAIR DAY,” I was afraid we didn’t.

Woman: How much is this vacuum?

Me: $10.

Woman: Would you take $5?

Me: No

Woman: $5?

Me: NO. Ten bucks is fair.

Woman: $5?

Me: Look, if you ask me that again I'm going to kill you with it AND charge you $10, you silly bitch.

OK, that last bit may have been in my head…

The histrionic unshaven man who argued as if presenting a court case over a difference of two dollars for my microwave; the stylish coiffed mavens who adored my vintage tablecloths but wouldn’t buy because they were too miserly; the bastard who bought my old SLR camera and when my back was turned pocketed a separate lens for it that he hadn’t paid for; the clean-cut man who looked sober as a judge while scooping up all of my books on paganism and witchcraft and scurried away almost salaciously with his quarry…we are all equals at a yard sale; the varying strata of society all commingle, wresting plates from one another to check the mark on the bottom, strewing your clothing about like a mid-tizzy Joan Crawford, poking through the old VHS tapes and CDs with disdain or perplexity at your taste, while you try with desperation and inexperience to be a hard-bargaining salesman offering up the detritus of your life, as if it is precious treasure, for a hard-won and always humiliatingly negotiated pittance.

Still, worth every moment for that $128 in ones and dimes. Especially when I came home from the neighboring sales with all kinds of bargains!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fast & Effective Palin Relief with Offdrill(tm) Tablets

Palin relief doesn’t get any better than this…
For fast Palin relief, nothing has been proven to work better or last longer than Offdrilll®.
You can't always stop for Palin.  And Palin never stops for you.  It's time you used advanced Offdrilll® for fast Palin relief.  Doctors recommend Offdrilll® tablets for Palinache, for fuck’s ache, goodness ache, and minor ass Palin.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Suffer Little Children... Sickening Creationist Indoctrination

This made me sad beyond belief.
Singing songs to impressionable minds to convince them that dinosaurs and man enjoyed a happy existence together a few thousand years ago!!! This should be a criminal offence.
What chance do children indoctrinated with creationist bullshit have of becoming scientists, doctors, geologists, etc? The only career paths open to these poor kids are preachers or politicians.
Watch and weep at the incredulity of the mother of one child, "When you look at the Bible it just makes sense, it's easier to teach your children".
I am reminded of Luke 18:16 "But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God."

Tim Minchin Sums It Up - The Pope Song

This classic from Tim Minchin is doing the rounds on the blogosphere, and for good reason. It's fucking brilliant!!!

It's not safe for work, so watch the video when you're in safe company, or even better, in the presence of some Catholics.

Listen carefully, some of the lyrics are inspired.

Oh, and before I forget, fuck the motherfucker!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How To Stop Prosthelytizers Knocking At Your Door

Place this sign on your front door, relax and watch some TV safe in the knowledge that there is no point knocking.
Unless of course they are after your money, not your soul...

Okay So This Is What We are Dealing With...

This is from "The Atheist Experience" with Matt Dillahunty.

The caller asks the reasonable question "How do you know God isn't real?"

The descent into total ignorance is beyond belief.& It seems that our caller feels equipped to argue even though he does not know what "physics" is!

Enjoy, or more likely suffer and cringe...